Born and raised in Old Sharlayn itself, Myr became a troubled soul. While academically brilliant, she is aethericly weak. Her family views her as defective because of this. Her parents are both brilliant in their fields, and her younger sister is a rising star in the Studium. She was all but ignored and rather than beg for metaphorical crumbs of acceptance.. she left the island.She'd pursue her own dream, elsewhere. Where she wasn't in her family's shadow.But it turns out living is expensive, and after a few disastrous tries, she eventually managed to land herself a job at the Manderville Golden Saucer. She currently works at the Lost and Found counter, while pursuing her own work on her time off.

Myrgantoum Guldahrwyn

FFXIV Character -Crystal Data Center, Balmung

  • Hi there! Thank you for reading! BIIIG internet stranger hugs

  • I have been role playing and making characters for many years. Both table top and online. I suppose I should share a few things here!

  • 1: I am very much over 21, in case you're wondering, and I prefer my rp partners to also be that or older.

  • 2: I have a very clear IC/OOC line and I expect my RP partners to have that as well, and to respect that boundary. IC romance stays IC ONLY.

  • 3: I have many characters and do my best to share my time with those who want it. Sometimes, I have prior commitments and can't.. so please don't think just because I can't RP right now that I don't want to at all cause I can promise, I do!

  • 4: I very much prefer in-game RP to discord. Not that I won't RP over discord.. I'm just bad at it because I have the attention span of a coked up squirrel at a rave >.<

  • 5: Communication. This is a very big thing for me. We will all have a much better time if we're on the same page. If you want to try something bit more out there? Talk to me about it. Even if it turns out to be something I'm not into, I will 100% appreciate that you talked it over with me, first.

  • Name: Myrgantoum Guldahrwyn (Morning Dream, daughter of Golden Eagle)

  • Race: Roegadyn - Sea Wolf

  • Nationality: Sharlayan

  • Sex: Female (she/her)

  • Age: 19

  • Height: 7' exactly

  • Weight: 320 ponze-ish

  • Skin: Gray

  • Hair: Dark Violet

  • Eyes: Dark Blue

  • Piercings: Ears

  • Tattoos: None yet

  • Distinguishing marks: a beauty mark by her left eye, a dark birthmark at the top of her spine that almost looks like little claw marks.

  • Body Type: a bit soft in comparison to most of her kin. Voluptuous.

  • Sexuality: Sapiosexual - masculine preference

  • Status: Polyamorous

Want ways to interact with her? Here are just a few ways. I'm also up for talking over possibilities OOC.

Fellow Sharlayans -might- have heard of her family. Her mother is considered a holy terror when it comes to defending her client's legal rights. And her father is well known to those studying Aether as applied to delicate, small-scale applications. Her younger sister is rightly expected to carry on the Family's greatness.

☙ Ul'Dah ☙
Her current home. She can often be found wandering around (sometimes even in her work uniform!) the city.

★ The Manderville Golden Saucer ★
Myr currently works at the lost and found counter. If you've lost an item, come and see her!